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A private lending partner that provides creative financing solutions for real estate investors. Serving the entire Southeast region with a focus on the CSRA and Columbia, SC.

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Terms Around

Simple Investment Loans designed for property investors who need quick access to capital at competitive interest rates. We offer interest-only loans for up to 12 months. 

Fix and Flip

Fix and flip home loans, also known as short-term or hard money loans, are financial tools designed for real estate investors engaged in the practice of purchasing distressed or undervalued properties, renovating them, and then quickly selling for a profit. These loans cater to the unique needs of investors involved in the fix-and-flip strategy, offering swift financing with flexible terms.

Rental Loans

These loans cater specifically to the unique needs of landlords seeking to renovate properties and make them appealing to potential tenants. Investors can use the funds to acquire properties, cover renovation costs, and ensure that the homes meet modern living standards. The goal is not only to increase the property’s value but also to create attractive and comfortable living spaces that appeal to rental audiences.

Construction Loans

The home building market is booming in Augusta, Ga! We provide construction loans serve to cover the costs of permits, labor, materials, and other expenses associated with the construction process. During the construction phase, borrowers make interest-only payments, and once the project is completed, the loan can be converted into a traditional mortgage or paid off through other means, such as selling the property.

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What We offer

Why we stand out from the competition

Excellent rates and Fees

Our interest rates are competitive, and we keep fees low, all while ensuring there are no prepayment penalties.

Your Local Lender

We understand the local real estate conditions because we live here too.

On Time, Fast Closings

We are located in Augusta, Georgia and can close loans faster than banks & our competition - as quick as 24 hours.

Easy Application

Our application intake process is fast, easy & smart. It knows what info to ask & required docs for you to upload.

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"It had been an absolute pleasure working directly with Bob, Michelle, and Kyndal. Their whole team is first class. The lending process has been streamlined to be simple and fast which frees up our time to find more deals! I highly recommend anyone looking for lending to check them out."
"I met Bob through my attorney a year or two ago. Since using him for his private money lending, it's been nothing but simple for us. Once you do his up front documentation, everything flows smoothly and can be FUNDED REALLY FAST! Bob works especially great for the rentals we are keeping."
"Bob Richards makes lending easy. I had a project I wanted to flip. I was able to bring my credit report and the details of the deal. He got back to me within 48 hours to tell me he would or would not approve the loan. Closing was easy, and payments were hassle free. If you need to borrow money to renovate a house I would recommend trying Bob."

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