Fix & Flip Loans

How can a fix and flip loan help you?

Quick Access to Capital:

Fix and flip loans provide fast access to capital, allowing investors to seize time-sensitive opportunities in the real estate market.

Flexible Terms:

These loans often come with flexible terms, enabling investors to tailor the financing to the specific needs and timeline of their fix-and-flip projects.

Streamlined Process:

Simple Money Loans has a streamlined application and approval process, facilitating a faster turnaround from loan application to funding.

What To Expect From A Fix & Flip Loan

A fix and flip loan, often structured as a hard money loan, is used for residential real estate properties that investors are looking to renovate and sell within a short period of time, usually 6 to 9 months from the date of purchase. Hard money loans are typically provided by private lenders or investors and are secured by the property itself, making them a viable option for those who might not qualify for traditional financing. Investors will purchase a distressed property or fixer upper, with the purpose of repairing the damage and improving its aesthetics. Whether you are starting your first fix and flip or are a seasoned professional, we are ready to finance your flip.

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