Rental Loans

How can a rental loan help you?

Renovation Financing:

Rental loans offer financial support for refurbishing and improving properties, ensuring that the rental units are attractive to potential tenants and meet modern living standards.

Property Acquisition:

This can assist clients in acquiring properties for rental purposes, providing the necessary funds to make a purchase in the competitive real estate market.

Quick Turnaround:

With efficient approval processes, rental loans allow clients to secure funds swiftly, facilitating a faster turnaround from property acquisition to making units available for rent.

What To Expect From A Rental Loan

Consider us your short-term financing ally as you embark on building your rental portfolio through the Buy Rehab Rent Refinance Repeat (BRRRR) strategy. Tailored for buy-and-hold investors, our short-term rental loans facilitate the acquisition, renovation, and refinancing of 1-4 family properties, creating a pathway to generate rental income.

We Commit To: